MOJO and the Outlaws



Meet the Band

The New Mojo Doyle Band first formed in 2010 and was reorganized for it's 4th rendition in 2016 changed their name to Mojo and the Outlaws, after a successful 6 year rock & roll run of shows in the lower Michigan and upper Northwest Ohio areas.  The new band has expanded it's song list to fill all types of genre's, from the experiences the new musicians bring to the group.  The 5 singers in this new band sing amazing harmonies as well as great leads and make this band the top pro show by far in the tri-state area.


Mojo Doyle


The New Mojo Doyle band was built to be a high energy festival band centering around Mojo Doyle, an amazing female vocalist.  Mojo  has been consistently winning singing competitions throughout the midwest for most of her adult life.  She grew up in Los Angels, California and then moved to the midwest with her family, where she lives now in the Adrian, Michigan area.
Mojo has performed for countless audiences including churches and a wide range of public shows. She has a driving vocal energy and stage presence that has set the bar high for other singers in the area. She has a well deserved reputation for being committed to the highest level of performing, consequently the best musicians seek to join her. 
She has been blessed with an incredible vocal quality allowing her to sing a wide genre of songs ranging from Christian and Calypso to Country and Classic Rock and Roll and many others.  Her passion and ability to sing such a broad range of songs at the top level is truly a gift from God, she truly enjoys sharing with the world.


Jason Southwell


Jason Southwell, keyboardist and Mojo's longest faithful trusted musician partner.  Jason comes from Hudson, Michigan. He has been playing with Mojo for more years then they want to admit.  Jason is an incredibly talented keyboardist that plays the black and whites unlike anyone else in the area.  Don't let his youthful appearance fool you, he has the skills and abilities to perform music magic on the keys, above and beyond everyone's imagination.


Raul Sanchez


Raul Sanchez, drummer, and lead and back up vocalist.  Raul has lived in Adrian, Michigan his entire life and has played in the area for over 40 years. He has played with most of the local musicians in the area throughout his music career and enjoyed the privilege of being part of the local musicians brotherhood. He loves to play many types of genre' from funk, R&B, top 40 to classic rock and good country. You've probably seen Raul one time or another at a wedding or festival doing what he loves, playing great music.


Jon Kopp


Jon Kopp, bass guitar and lead and back up vocalist.  Jon calls Clark Lake, Michigan his home. Also a 30 plus year experienced musician puts the bass down like a lead guitarist and fills the bottom end completely and perfectly.  Jon's enthusiasm and showmanship helps build the best shows any band could ever ask for.


Tim Cloud

Tim Cloud, Lead/Rhythm guitarist and lead and back up vocalist. Another musician extraordinaire, that completes this amazing group with his classic "lefty" lead licks and rhythm strums.  Tim hails from Ypsilanti, Michigan, a veteran player with more years experience than he cares to admit. His unique left handed guitar that is strung in reverse from any typical 6 sting gives lead abilities only a true musician can appreciate.  He also adds lead vocals and gives us the variety we need and completes our fabulous harmonies, that sets us apart from other groups, to make us a unique mix and a top notch band.


If you haven't had the chance to experience seeing and hearing this amazing group live, catch them soon at one of their shows and see for yourself why they are considered the best band to hire in the Midwest for a variety of classic rock, country, blues and funk. 


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